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The Book


LOVE IS... The Book


pulsates the very heart which

beats within our body,

throwing light on every corner

with wild abandonment..

raises a Soul, as if on nothing

but a silver cloud..

truly fearless and free of mind,

brave, courageous, bold..

stirs the very depths of us…

These are some of the words that came to Keith Wright, the Creator of LOVE IS, at 3am…

That started the most amazing journey of his life…

That caused him to have real conversations with people about love + life around the world…

That have been joined by words of men, women + children from 6 of the world’s 7 continents…

That saw international artists share visually and emotively stimulating works of art…

That have see people smile and cry… laugh and be left speechless…

Raising money for children and young people charities in the areas of education and leadership.


Yet, the magic does not lie in the practical life of the object [‘the magical little red book’], rather in the pure feelings and emotions the words and artworks invoke in your heart.

For feelings and emotions are the absolute value, the substance of love + life.

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glimpses of love

LOVE IS... The Book glimpses-of-love