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‘For Benefit’ companyWe have pledged to give 50 per cent of our after tax, distributable profits to suicide prevention and human rights issues.
a home for round pegs
(‘creative social influencers’)
Entrepreneurs and creative people (artists, writers, filmmakers, designers, social media specialists etc.) who share a common belief and aspire to create positive change.
Powered by Collective ImpactThe ability for a group of thoughtful, committed citizens to outperform even its best individual member.
In collaboration with creative social influencers we build innovative and engaging campaigns that connect companies and non-profits with the community. Campaigns designed to:
> deliver commercial returns and promote the philanthropic actions of companies
> raise awareness and money for charities
> promote creative social influencers
To the future… a 24/7 365 income stream for suicide prevention and human rights issues via an online¬†experience selling unique merchandise, with interesting stories, from around the world.