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Our story started as a crazy 3:00am idea that would not go away, on which Keith Wright, CEO and Founder of square shaped circles, was compelled to act.

He envisioned an organisation driven by a belief that life is an amazing gift, an adventure to be lived; one that strives to balance achieving traditional business KPIs with a whole lot of heart.

square shaped circles is a ‘For Benefit’ company, where the abilities of entrepreneurs and creative social influencers (artists, writers, filmmakers, designers social media specialists etc.) are combined to inspire others to dream things that never were and ask why not.

In collaboration with creative social influencers we build innovative and engaging campaigns that connect companies and non-profits with the community. Campaigns designed to:

  • deliver commercial returnsĀ  and promote the philanthropic actions of companies
  • raise awareness and money for charities
  • promote creative social influencers

Powered by collective impact: the ability for a group of thoughtful, committed citizens to outperform even its best individual member.