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love-is-a-voice-pageLOVE IS… a voice

When you are empowered, you are able to discover and fulfil your true potential.  Self-love is the first step to self-empowerment.

Self-Love = Self-Esteem = Self-Empowerment

The aim of the campaign is three fold:

  • empower young people to share what love is to them through large scale socially interactive artworks
  • spread a message of love through local communities
  • raise awareness for charities and community organisations transforming education through projects that orchestrate self-expression, individuality and love…

The capacity to look at one-self in the mirror and love the person you see standing before you, is the first step to self-empowerment and the ability to dream things that never were and ask why not.

Self-love fosters self-esteem changing the way we see the person in the mirror and in turn others.  Building a young person’s  self-esteem has been identified as a core component of bullying prevention.

With a healthy self-esteem, young people will not only be more confident, but they also will be able to identify their strengths – and their weaknesses – and still feel good about themselves (self-empowerment).

Creative related activities have been proven to boost a young person’s self-image.  Whether in an individual setting or as part of a group, creative activities improves a person’s confidence.  Studies have shown that when young people participate in art activities with peers, the feedback they give to each other builds self-respect by helping them learn to accept criticism and praise from others.

Empower  yourself – start talking about love!