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LOVE IS... The Book


book LOVE IS 

A book that holds within its

pages, the answer to what love is.

An answer, which has the potential

to transform your life.


What started out as a 3am idea by Australian, Keith Wright, to discover how people from around the world see, feel and experience love and to publish a book, donating the proceeds to children and young people charities in the areas of education and leadership, has not only grown a life of its own, but transformed the life of its creator.

“From an outpouring of words at 3am, the creation of book LOVE IS saw me, as a corporate man talking about love being beaten up (emotionally speaking), and returning to my man cave to heal the wounds, before consciously pushing back my fears and walking the idea out into the world again.  Seven years forward, I have come to understand the book holds within its pages the answer to what love is.  An answer, that is transforming my life.” – Keith Wright



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a peek inside book LOVE IS

LOVE IS... The Book glimpses-of-love