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A vision encouraging people to
embrace and talk about love, what it
means to them…


We travel through life often not telling people what they mean to us, the impact their lives have on us.  Why? Perhaps because we are busy and the act of stopping long enough to tell someone how much they mean to us, ends up at the bottom of our daily ‘To Do List’.

Borrowing lines from ‘On Top of The World’ by Imagine Dragons:

If you love somebody
Better tell them while they’re here ’cause
They just may run away from you

You’ll never know quite when, well
Then again it just depends on
How long of time is left for you

Don’t wait… It only takes a moment to tell someone you love them, how much they mean to you.  Light up their heart… bring a smile to their face… for perhaps your words can make the world a more positive place.