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square shaped circles has pledged to give one per cent of gross revenue to suicide prevention and human rights issues each year.  We will continue to do so until profitable, whereby we will give 50 per cent of our distributable profits to charity after taxes, debt repayment, financing costs and reasonable working capital reserves.  In addition to this, we give a percentage of sales from the book LOVE IS (US$1.00) to charity.

Suicide Prevention

logo-lifeline GIVE NOW

“To be the first organisation people turn to when they seek support.”

“Changing lives for the better”

For 40 years, Lifeline Canberra has been part of a national network offering telephone crisis support to the people of the Australian Capital and the surrounding region.  This service is possible because of the dedication of over 200 trained volunteer telephone crisis supporters who fill shifts to ensure that the phone will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Human Rights Issues

logo-women-lead GIVE NOW

“Women and girls leading alongside men.”

Women LEAD is the first and only leadership development organization for young women, led by young women, in Nepal. Supported by a community of peers and mentors, we empower young women leaders by providing them with a deep-dive into youth leadership and activism.  When young women are given the tools to lead, they become powerful agents for change.