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book LOVE IS 

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Described as a crazy 3am idea for a guy who had lived his entire life in a world of numbers and finance, slowly took wings, becoming a reality, as Keith Wright reached out to people around the world, asking them to take a little time and share with him how they see, feel and experience love. The purpose, to create a book about love, with profit being used to defend children from exploitation through helping them learn to read.

Children and adults from all walks of life came forward, sharing what love means to them, bringing forth smiles, tears, laughter, and moments of being left totally speechless.

Joined by Australian artist Sally West, international artists and photographers shared visually and emotively stimulating works of art. Altogether, people from 6 of the world’s 7 continents helped create book LOVE IS…. from what has been described as an unconventional cover to the pages within, the book takes the reader on a wonderful journey.



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