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A Little Love Goes a Long Way


“We imagined creating a book that shared expressions of love from all corners of the world— the purpose, to defend children from exploitation through the power of the written word.  Join with us, and help children learn to read.”
Keith Wright



Support Children to Rise

To support children in learning to read and enabling them to realize their value, to rise to their full potential, we have partnered with New York based nonprofit, NABU.ORG.

This female led entrepreneurial tech nonprofit has launched a global digital library platform designed for use in low-bandwidth environments and optimized for offline reading, with content customized by country and community.

The NABU.ORG team believe in creating shared value to help achieve results, working with local creatives in curating collections of mother tongue and English books.


Pay What You Want & Fund the Future


100% of profits from book LOVE IS will be used to alleviate the gravity of illiteracy— how much are you willing to invest in being part of the solution?

Target $45,000 to Fund 

100  Kindergarten to Year 3 books in Rwanda & Haiti



Buy book LOVE IS

LOVE IS – Hardback


Kindergarten to Year 3 Books


The mother tongue books created through this initiative will reach hundreds of thousands of children over the next five years, and support them in learning how to read.  Join in creating more books like Lila ap jwe boul, a Haitian Creole story of determination and strength, sharing the adventures of a girl learning to play soccer.