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Live by Coco Amardeil

Since the idea of book LOVE IS first flickered to life early one morning in November 2010, I’d like to say that I’ve continued to champion the project— but that would be a lie.

Over the years, I’ve been awkward around the project and unable to fully walk the idea out into the world.  The awkwardness and fears have varied.  In the early years, there was the concern that people would think a guy who had lived his entire life in a world of numbers and finance must be a little crazy to create a book about love, with profit being used to defend children from exploitation, not by force, but through helping them learn to read.

The Gambler by Ryan CroninAfter this came the challenge of how the project demanded change, to let go of the one-dimensional person I had been for most of my adult life, to reconnect with childlike wonder and believe in myself, the project and the unconditional kindness of people who offered their support.  Slowly, breaking through known comfort zones became a part of life.

Then in more recent times, it has been about how I haven’t lived up to my word, to lean in and make the vulnerable choice to immerse myself completely and fully walk the idea out into the world for all the people who have supported the project—who have seen in me what I’ve been afraid to see.

Some might even say I’ve struggled with love, and those closest to me would agree, that in part this is true.  Yet through all this, book LOVE IS has hung in there, tirelessly and patiently waiting for me to find my feet, not judging the ups and downs, always being there to teach me ever more lessons about seeing, feeling and experiencing the incredible spirit of love.

So to 2018…

Key to India by Santosh VermaIt’s not about seeking to change The World, for in reality this is only possible but by a few.  As individuals though, we all have the ability to positively influence our immediate environment, be it a smile, a warm hello, a random act of kindness, and if we all practiced this quest each and every day, we would manifest enormous impact.

Truth, not enacting the belief others have invested into the project, shamming my heart and soul, hiding behind paper thin fears created by my mind, is no longer an option.  We are all here for the shortest of time and not to seize the incredible gift of life, to practice living our fullest potential, is unauthentic.

I feel enormously blessed to have been given such an idea and tremendously appreciative of all the people who, throughout 2017, provided encouragement to write the next pages and chapters of book LOVE IS’ journey.  So with a little help from our friends, excited to share what we have planned for 2018:

  • New pricing for book LOVE IS, where people can pay what they want and invest in our….

New charity partner, who through literacy and knowledge building is reversing the fortunes of children who are exploited, disenfranchised and marginalized.

  • Along with evenings where I will share more of the backstory to book LOVE IS, the many insights learned and welcome hearing how people see, feel and experience love.

Look forward to keeping you informed as we write the next pages of what has been a truly transformational journey.

Keith Wright

Fascinated by how people see, feel and experience life + love.



Featured Artwork from book LOVE IS, top to bottom: 
Live by Coco AmardeilThe Gambler by Ryan CroninKey to India by Santosh Verma