Love Is

Promotional LOVE IS Video 

Men, women + children came together over five amazing days to share what love is to them, revealing the vulnerability of humanity and its fascination with something that endures beyond our own lifetime. Made possible by the enormous generosity of Wayne McKelvie, Sound Ideas Productions.


NYC PictureStart Film Festival

To launch LOVE IS in America, square shaped circles inc collaborated with NYC PictureStart Film Festivalcommissioning three short international films, inspired by artwork from the book LOVE IS:

films-children-at-playCAUTION: CHILDREN AT PLAY

Director: Serge Kushnier, Canada
Artist: Dean Dampney, CHILD AT PLAY, Australia


films-lady-loveLADY LOVE

Director: Werner Prinsloo, South Africa
Artist: Novin Kasmai, LADY LOVE, Spain


films-the-duggansTHE DUGGANS

Director:.Mike Reynolds, America
Artist: Deborah Webster, BUBBLY, America